Bike Education

Year 5 students participate in Bike Education.


Bike education teaches students the necessary skills and understanding of road safety to enable them to ride to school with confidence.


The aim of bike education is to allow students to

  •  Gain knowledge and understanding of the road traffic environment and the road laws.
  •  Develop the physical and cognitive skills to manage the road traffic environment safely as a bike rider.
  •  Develop responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision-making skills for the safe use of bicycles, both on and off the road, through participation in enjoyable learning experiences relevant to their ages and abilities.

The ultimate goal of Bike Ed is to teach children to be competent and safe independent road-users.


The benefits of Bike Education are

  •  develop cycling ability;
  •  increase cycling confidence;
  •  ensure sound knowledge of road rules;
  •  provide practice for real-life road-riding;
  •  ease parental concerns about the dangers of riding to school.


Bike Ed inspires children to develop their bicycle riding skills and their physical capability. Other benefits include enhanced health, fitness and wellbeing, confidence and independence and learning and social development.