Bus Information

Many of our students travel to school on our school bus. Students are eligible for free bus travel if they live more than 4.8 kms from their nearest school. Permission can be given (at the principal’s discretion) for students closer to the school to travel by bus if there are spare seats available. Parents of children who are eligible to travel on any of our school buses will need to complete a ‘Permission to Travel’ application form. Application forms for new enrolments will be distributed to families as part of the enrolment process.

Students not attending their nearest school may be accommodated on bus services as long as they pay a fare and seating capacity exists. Payment per child per term is $120 or $480 per year.  Travel cannot be approved until fare payment is made (term by term) or paid in full at the start of the year. If the fare is not paid students may be denied travel on the bus.  Our bus run covers Upton Hill and Mangalore areas. Please contact the school about bus stops, route and times if you think you may be able to use the bus.

We keep a bus roll and check students onto the buses each night to ensure their safety and where-abouts. If for any reason your child is not travelling home on a bus, please inform the school by phone or note of the details. This is very important to avoid delays in searching for children who have not turned up to go home on the bus!Children other than normal bus travellers who wish to travel on buses for whatever reason must request permission prior to the day of travel from the Principal’s office for student safety and the requirements of legal liability by the bus driver and school.

Students travelling on the buses have a responsibility to be on their best behaviour. Bus rules will be explained to all students at the start of the year (and when-ever they seem to need a reminder). The rules are common sense really – basically sit in your seat and don’t disturb others! Behaviour that is disruptive, harmful or annoying to the driver or other travellers is not acceptable for safety reasons and harmony. Bus travel is a privilege, not a right. At the discretion of the principal travel rights may be suspended or cancelled for anti-social or dangerous behaviour.