Lunch Orders Information

The easiest way is to keep a copy of the lunch order form at home and on an envelope write what your child(ren) will want, add payment, seal tightly and place in the buckets in the office. Avenel Cafe is open from 8:30am on Fridays just for parents/guardians to place their orders in directly with the shop. This is due to the volume of the orders. Avenel Cafe opens 10:30am Wednesday to Sunday normally for regular customers. You are welcome to call but keep in mind we may not be readily available on Wednesday and Thursdays for immediately answering the phone. This is generally when we take deliveries, clean and get ready for the week ahead. Thank you for your understanding. 

 Things to keep in mind, we only offer fried food on Friday only. We will not make exceptions. The rest of the menu is available Wednesday/Thursday and Friday. 

 Feel free to call Shaun on 5796 2536 if you have any questions.