School Council

School Council has the role of making decisions regarding the direction and management of the school.  Powers and duties of the School Council include- 

  • Formulation of the School Strategic Plan
  • Developing the educational policy of the school, consistent with goals and priorities
  • Promoting parent and community participation and interest in the school
  • Conducting education activities for the benefit of the community
  • Allowing use by outside bodies of the school building and grounds under its control
  • Annual reporting to the school community
  • Holding property on behalf of the Minister
  • Purchasing equipment for the school
  • Overseeing the management of the school.
  • Forming sub-committees
  • Responsibility for the financial arrangements within the school
  • Overseeing maintenance on buildings and grounds.

Our current School Council members are Georgia Bolton,  Sam Hull,  Scott Jeffery, Kylie Taylor, Lauren Shields, Sonia Waters, Grant Eagles,  Kate Phoenix and Hayley Tobin.

 School Council meets monthly.  Parents are welcome to sit in on all council proceedings.